F3A contest flyer

I make it a rule to remember the worthy sayings by the authorities, the flight is fully depending on the motor condition because a model airplane is so pulled to fly, only a single anxiety exist, never fly, inclination of the main wing should be corrected all the time to keep it parallel to the ground.

The first saying was done by Mr. Miura who is the representative of the Research and Developing division of Ogawa Precision Manufacturing Co., the second is by the famous flyer Akiba in Futaba, the third is by Naruke.

Anyway, the model airplane should be flown in the absolute condition of reliability, stability. Of course any bad habit of the airplane itself should be eliminated as less as possible.

The first flight of the day every training is nothing but the competition scenery, no any lazy took over flight is forgiven, all the flight are in the desperate concentration for the contest flyer, just different from Sunday flyers.

Mr. Haneda says he is looked, checked and graded all the time behind of him, because he is one of the representative flyer as a seed player in F3A who belongs to OS company.

As for myself, I do some affirmation program ceremony in my mind, draw maneuver patterns in the decided frame in the sky and the first but competition scenery flight starts with the ultimate concentration.

Three flights a day are enough for me, I get thoroughly tired muddy after that.